10 Commitments

10 Commitments


10 Commitments

1. Quality

All Lanopearl products are of the highest quality possible. Our skincare range has Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification whilst our vitamins and health food has Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) approval and possess the Australian label registration number in accordance with Australian standards.

Additionally we offer a 14 day money back guarantee so that consumers can be totally confident in our commitment to product quality.

2. Affordable

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy quality, Australian made products. As such we strive to produce products that rival international brands, yet we deliver them at a far more affordable price. 

3. Safety

Lanopearl products undergo strict tests (both Vivo & Vitro) however we do not test on animals. Our Mt Retour organic skincare is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and is 100% natural and safe to use. We declare all ingredients on the label as well as on our websites to ensure transparency and product safety.

4. Uniqueness

Lanopearl products are unique in terms of product concept, formulations and packaging. A particular stand out is our Rebirth skincare range which pioneers placenta anti-wrinkle cream with a unique formula of placenta in a water and oil base.

5. Fast delivery & friendly service

Lanopearl aims to deliver excellent customer service. Products are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours and our friendly customer call center is keen to assist you with product information, feedback or ordering.

6. We grow with you

We value long-term growth by developing good relationships with shareholders, customers, distributors and suppliers. We believe that healthy business growth depends on trust and mutual benefits. Lanopearl offers the return of 10 – 15% profit to shareholders per annum.

7. Total health & beauty

Lanopearl has over 200 health food and beauty products ranging from skincare, vitamins, aromatherapy, certified organic goods through to spa products. Our extensive range ensures we have a beauty and health solution for everyone.

8. Fair deal

Lanopearl believes in giving back to the community. We donate 1% of profit to charities such as Cancer and AIDs organisations every year and we plant young trees annually to help protect the environment from global warming.

9. Innovation

Our focus on research and innovation keeps us at the forefront of technology enabling us to introduce results-oriented products to consumers before our competitors. Our passion for health and beauty mixed with our technical know-how ensures we consistently come up with new and exciting innovations such as, Bio PHD Triple LIFT Serum, Bocenta and Mt. Retour certified organics.

10. Learning & training

Lanopearl fosters a positive learning environment. Staff are trained to perform exceptionally in their work as well as to learn beyond their job scope. This allows opportunities for everyone to grow in whichever area they desire. Additionally, we run a rewards program that honours staff for their achievements.

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