Peptide Bee Synchro-lift Serum

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Anti-ageing and wrinkle, elastic and rejuvenate the skin. Expect result after 28 days

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Lanopearl Serum – Peptide Bee Synchro-lift Serum 25ml

Lanopearl Peptide Bee Synchro-Lift Serum  is a fast absorbing Peptide Bee Synchro-Lift Serum combines the benefits of Bee Venom, Argentine and Manuka Honey. These anti-ageing and wrinkle smoothing agents stimulate the production of collagen and elastic and rejuvenate the skin. Expect result after 28 days


After cleansing, apply a few drops of Peptide Bee Synchro-Lift Serum, focusing on five areas prone to fine lines & wrinkles (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks) and massage gently. Recommended usage twice daily.



  • Instant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, result in 30 days
  • Gradual uplifting of sagging skin best for age >35 years old
  • Stimulating production of collagen and elastic with Natural Active Ingredient.


Before use, please test your skin’s reaction by apply the cream on a small area and wait 24 hours before full application. If you experience irritation or increased sensitivity, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes.


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